Vanishing AMerica


Vanishing America


An Introduction

This is NOT a Conspiracy Theory - it's a true Conspiracy and the likes of Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Paul Krugman, John Kerry, George Soros, and other notables are members of the group  that is at the head of this conspiracy. Ever wonder why no major legislation has come down that has benefitted the average citizen? Stop wondering - we are being taken over!

This website hopes to better inform you. Be aware of the propaganda spewed by the Corporate media Propagandists. If they hype a particular person, beware! Chances are that person is at minimum an accessory to the conspiracy. If they give mainly the "pros" of a particular piece of legislation, beware, as it is most likely another that favors the New World Order - One Government World agenda.

Much talk has recently been about the Deep State, an entity that has been given several definitions by different people. Most of the "culprits" designated as "Deep State" are the Military Industiral Complex, Wall Street and the financial secter, the insurance industry includuing the big PHRMA, and others. While these secters are, in fact, adding to the downfall of our nation they are but puppets in the overall overthrow of not only our nation, but the globe in the quest of the One Government World.

This website will give you an insight to those who are conspiring to take over control of the entire planet in hopes that it is not too late to stop this tyranny for if they are to succeed the make-up of this world and mankind will be changed in a very inhumane way.

The move is toward a One Government World and this might explain how the conspirators are moving to achieve that goal.